Understanding the Customer

Whether you are just starting up, or part of a multi-national company, there are two common views of customers when it comes to offering them your new product or service.

If you have been involved in the creation of a new product, you might imagine that they will be lining up to buy it, because why wouldn’t they?
Alternatively customers can be viewed as scary and irrational people who are never satisfied and so best avoided.

Neither scenario is common and the way to avoid spending weeks, months or even years developing your new product or service only to have no one want it when it is released is to have regular and detailed discussions with a variety of your potential customers from the very start and throughout the development of the idea.

However talking to customers, getting “the voice of the customer”, or having key customers fill out questionnaires is not sufficient. The hard part comes in translating what the customer is saying, or not saying, into a product or service you could offer them that they would really want as soon as you suggest it. Your chances of successfully launching a product are vastly increased if you take the step of understanding the customer. This is one of Tinnoco’s major strengths and unique offerings.