Training Courses

While much of what we do at Tinnoco is provide bespoke individual or team services, whether that is mentoring or analysis, there are often times when a whole section of the workforce would benefit from being trained rather than a single specialist coming in to undertake the work and provide the results in a report.

At Tinnoco we do not claim to know about and understand your business on day one. As a result we are not able to offer a list of ready made training courses for you to choose from. Whilst you are able to request a bespoke course made of specific items, for example training staff to become more innovative in their daily work, and we will undertake to deliver it, our preference is to first work with you to find out what topics your staff and company would benefit the most from and create a specific training course from that.

Browse through the pages of this site.  See what things resonate with you as needing attention within your company. Then get in touch and let’s create a course or a package of work to address these unique needs.