Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer from academic institutions into industry is a field of immense opportunity. Unfortunately turning it into a business is a tricky business.
Academia and industry truly are worlds apart, talk a different language, have orthogonal objectives and work at vastly different timescales.
However when they can be brought together the benefits to both parties can be enormous.

There are three ways in which to retain our services:

As an intermediary, free from the standard performance metrics of technology transfer offices, we are able to rapidly bring parties together, maintain an objective role and broker the deal to mutual benefit. This is useful for the common situation when the two parties reach stalemate, the lengthy timescales dissipate the initial interest and/or parties get as far as agreeing a Heads of Terms or Memorandum of Understanding, but stall without proceeding to the final goal.

As a virtual technology transfer office (TTO) for institutions without their own operation, our breadth of experience across industry and academia is of great value when it comes to finding and brokering sale or license of intellectual properyy (IP), whether it is to industry, or the setting up of a spin-out company as the exploitation vehicle. Without quotas and regulations to constrain us we are able to offer impartial advice on the best way to commercialise any piece of IP.

As a contractor to a company we are able to help broker deals, “translate” between the languages of business and academia or actively scout out for potential technologies of interest on behalf of the company. When looking for potential innovative technologies outside a company, the breadth and depth of experience we are able to offer is invaluable when it comes to finding potential IP of interest. We can operate as your virtual technology scouting division to assist in your innovation strategy.