Technology Consulting

Whether you are scouting around for a new technology to integrate into your company, or have a technology that you are looking to commercialise, our ability in broad-spectrum innovation and cross-sector experience offer you the expertise needed to turn technology into business success.

Paper-studies, feasibility-studies, prototyping – from initial concept through to proving the principles of the technology, we have in-house experience to take it forward. Through a network of associates and contacts we are able to call on additional resources when needed both in the early stages and to take over the development past the demonstrator phase should you wish.

When bringing in a new technology into a company, there are often major hurdles to overcome internally once a concept has been proven and the decision has been made to implement it. Successfully incorporating the new idea, service or product into your company is an area where we are particularly well versed as this is the point many ideas suddenly fail when brought in from a consultancy – whether it is a case of not-invented-here, or insufficient knowledge provided within the final report, or a lack of skills internally to take over the development. We are able to help through all these stages to ensure the development continues as originally intended by the board and senior management.

Other common issues are concerning revising and updating the corporate strategy following on from a significant success in taking a new technology to prototype. Plans, workloads and financials were all prepared in the abence of this new project which will possibly have a clear impact on them all.

The reality of a successful technology consulting project is that the technology is the minor constituent of the project and management consulting, change management and mentoring make up the majority. We are not here to get paid by you to develop ideas. We are paid to assist you in making them a success.