Create an effective team

In any role that requires a person is part of a team, that team becomes more important than the task it is set. This is true whether it is a matrix-managed, temporary project-team, or the founding team of a start-up company, or the implicit team formed between the company selling a product and its customer buying that product.

Teams have to work together effectively. That does not mean that they have to agree with each other at all times, in fact a degree of differences of opinion is usually more productive. Team theories such as that of Belbin are powerful and worth understanding to get the most out of a group of people working together.

At Tinnoco we do not have a magic presentation that will gel a team together. We do not have a ten step book you can buy to fix a disillusioned team. Neither do we have a boiler plate report suggesting right-sizing and reassigning. What we can offer is a bespoke package of work undertaken with the team and its manager to understand and resolve the issues.

If you are in the position of creating a team, whether for a new project or, for example, bringing together founders of a start-up company, then whilst all the guidance above remains valuable there are additional considerations. Send us a message to start the discussion.