Survive through the long recession

Do you remember back to 2008? The crash? The recession?

Do you remember all the things you had to do to protect your business?

Do you remember thinking it would only last perhaps a year and then it would be business as usual?

Did you wake up this morning and congratulate yourself on keeping your company going all this time in tough markets for all these years?

But, at what cost?

Is it the great company it used to be, or a mere shadow of its former self?

Are the board and senior management team energised and determined to drive the company to a glorious future, or too concerned with keeping their heads down to avoid getting eliminated in the next round of cuts? They are probably all too aware there are simply no jobs out there for them. Low turnover of staff is not always a positive attribute!

Are the staff eager to come to work each day and do they have vibrant mentors to look up to and line managers to emulate so that they are ready to be promoted when the opportunity arises, or do they work because the cannot find a job somewhere else and the only thing they learn from their bosses is to stay in the shadows and not get noticed?

Is your company ready to take advantage of the eventual end of the recession, or to take advantage of the recession itself? Or will a start-up company, full of fire and bravery, possibly composed of your best staff come out of nowhere and eat rapidly into your market share?

Our Innovation, Consulting, Mentoring, Coaching services and Training courses can help. Reinvigorating the workforce. Training the senior management who might have been trained by colleagues had there been sufficient circulation of people. Providing a vision, hope and a path for the staff to show them what a positive effect they can have in lieu of having bosses to do so.

At Tinnoco we do not offer standard off-the-shelf solutions, but appreciate every business will have its own unique issues, so work with you first to identify them then to put together an action plan to address them.

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