Startup Non-Executive Director (NED)

So you and your friend have created your own company and are now members of the board. Perhaps you are the CEO and CTO or some other equally impressive title now adorns your freshly printed business cards. What now?

Who else should be on your board and what should you discuss in your monthly meetings?
You have raised money and suddenly find several investor directors taking up enforced board seats and you now feel very conflicted at times with the direction they seem to want to take your company.

Once the prestige of being able to tell people you are on the board of directors has dulled and the real work of directing the company begins, having experienced and varied Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) on your board can give you vital help in successfully steering your company through all the challenges it will come up against.

Whether the knowledge you are looking to add to your board is business based, start-up based, sector based or product-development in nature, not only can Tinnoco directly offer NED candidates, but via its extensive network can suggest many more.