Management Consulting

If you want the sort of management consultancy project the big firms deliver, then this site is not what you are looking for.
This is a form of management consultancy more closely aligned with advising, mentoring and helping the management to work out the issues or grasp the opportunities for themselves rather than being told what to do.
This was borne from the realisation that whether a consultant delivers a technical solution or a business solution to a company, the most common point of failure is the inability to integrate that solution fully into the company.
Telling intelligent, motivated, determined people to do something is far less effective than showing them methods to figure out what needs doing for themselves.
We work on a one-to-one method typically with one member of the board, but can work with more board members or senior management as appropriate to achieve the specific aim of the project.
Think of it more as management mentoring rather than management consulting and you will see that rather than just solve the current problem, by enabling the managers to work out how to solve the problem, they will then be able to do so in the future for themselves, without calling in external advisors.