IP Mining

Innovative companies constantly generate Intellectual Property (IP). Innovative people constantly generate IP within companies. Sometimes this remains a few notes in someones lab book. Sometimes the company decides to patent it with the aim of exploiting it.
Often any IP that is not on the direct road- map for the company is left to one side. Over time the cost of maintaining patents becomes significant drain on the company profits. Or if not patented, the idea is often simply forgotten.

We can audit your IP portfolio, assessing the value of each patent. We can then recommend whether to drop the patent, try to sell or license it, if it is potentially useful to your core business to be brought in as an internal project or whether a startup company should be created to commercialise it. Given access to your employees we can also audit them to find any potentially valuable ideas they have to improve the product or process they are working on. We can also evaluate these and recommend whether they should be filed as a patent application or kept as know- how or trade- secrets. We can also suggest how the company can modify itself to encourage the generation of such IP in the future. We will not necessarily find gold, but we might just find oil!