IP Assessment

It is often vital for technology, science, engineering and software based companies to do all they can to protect their unique ideas or intellectual property (IP). However the world of IP can often be quite daunting for those new to it, with an entirely different language used and seemingly enormous costs and fees of professional attorneys and official international bodies.

Patents are the strongest form of protection, but also the most expensive.
Design rights, copyrights, trademarks are other examples of ways to protect IP.

This is a complex and often overlooked area in the creation of start-ups. Uncertainty about the value of protecting IP, what can and cannot be protected and how best to do so all lead to problems that could damage the company or prevent it from raising investment or finance at a later date. We are able to guide you through what IP you might have to protect, the best way to do it, how you can do it for yourself or which professionals to talk to when it comes to filing patents and assistance in converting the “invention” or “academic paper” into a patent application.

For established companies with an active patent-application strategy, it can often become a major task to understand and value individual patents in the portfolio particularly as the original staff involved move on. Huge sums of money could be being wasted on invalid IP and similar sums lost on failing to understand and exploit IP that has been filed but never used. We are able to do a critical survey of your portfolio and work with you to maximise its value.