Idea Assessment

“This is the greatest idea since sliced bread!”

Inventors are fantastic people, so full of energy, optimism and ideas. The trouble is that they are often blinkered because it is human nature to automatically believe your idea is brilliant.
Many inventors never even get a second opinion, of if they do and it is negative they discount it as the person not understanding the idea properly.
Yes your idea might make you a millionaire, but statistically, as most ideas that most people have either are not very good or have been done before, unless you validate it early it will only end up making you poor.
Talking to customers is vital, but it might be something of a big and scary step to take, therefore asking for independent assessment of your idea is an excellent next step.
With an impressively high success rate at predicting concept viability, we can give you that opinion that could save you much time and money or encourage you to continue on.