Change Management

Never easy, but always needed in modern organisations, change is a fact of life. It is hard to identify any part of life that stays the same from one year to the next these days. The company you work for and the role you need to fill within it are just as susceptible to change, but this change is often resisted and thought of perhaps as optional.

Knowledge feeds the removal of barriers to change, whereas secrecy grows them. Entrenched within your own organisation it is often very hard to see what changes are needed and how to develop a plan to action the plan with minimum negative impact on both the business and the lives of all the affected individuals.

Whilst it is vital that companies are successful, there are often many ways to achieve success and not all lead to reduction or destruction of moral within the workforce. It is this team of people that have contributed to past and present successes of the company, so they should be treated appropriately through times of change.