Board Guest

There are times when a company board become blinkered and they cannot see the wood for the trees. For what ever reason progress is not being made, problems are not being solved.

But what are your options to getting more input and views on the situation?
Add executive directors? On what merit?
Add non-executive directors? Quite a commitment to make if this is a one-off or a temporary hurdle.
Bring in management consultants? However the cost and timescale of doing so, getting proposals written and agreed, signing off invoices and all this time no progress is being made.

An alternative would be to have a board guest. An expert, but only attending a single board meeting to give immediate help. Not brought in as a consultant to tell you what to do, but as a mentor to help one or more board members figure out for themselves what action to take. After all, you have chosen your board and really want them to be able to steer the company, not an external agency. Therefore mentoring is not only quick and simple, but offers an actual solution to help the long term future of the company rather than just a fix for the current problem. We don’t make your decisions for you, we help you to make it for yourselves.

Having a new voice with a different perspective quickly dropped in to give immediate help to solve the current problem is often the ideal solution for most situations, but not one that is usually available to company boards. Bring us in as a guest to help you get on running the company.