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Tinnoco assists you in every aspect of creating, developing, innovating and exploiting technology, science or engineering.

Whilst many inventors think that having the idea is the hard part, successful entrepreneurs and businesses realise that creating the right teams, ensuring the product or service meets a validated, un-serviced customer need and then creating the route to market are the most complex parts.  

This is the reason that so many businesses fail - the idea alone is not enough.  It needs to be tested with customers, refined and then delivered rapidly and efficiently.

Whether you are a start-up with a killer app or an established company looking to become more innovative, whether you are an individual or a multinational you need a common toolkit of information, abilities and experience to make a successful business.  Tinnoco provides this toolkit and can fill in small gaps or guide you every step of the way....

                                                      ..... from concept through to customer.

From idea to product, we can help you through the process.
From invention to creating a company making that product, we have the experience to make it happen.

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