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I would like to....

Find customers & offer them the right products

The most obvious, but sometimes the hardest task for a business, whether a fresh startup or a veteran.

Make my company more innovative

It is a tough challenge to maintain the level of successful innovation. We can help.

Create an effective team

Regardless of the product or service, most companies are about people, people working together.

Recruitment Research

Undertaking research into past and present recruitment methods to help guide future rec-tech.

Start a new company

The most enjoyable, but one of the most challenging tasks to set yourself if you are so inclined. We are here to help.

Develop my invention

Having an idea for a new product or service is exciting. However it is only the first tiny step to seeing it realised and used by others.

Protect & exploit my Intellectual Property

Often your most valuable asset, how do you protect it & how do you make the most of it?

Improve my company culture

A company is a group of people working together to a common goal. However they are all individuals and need nurturing.

Consulting Services for Complete Business Health

What is Tinnoco and how can it help you?
Innovation - Team - Customer - these form the beating heart of your business

Think of Tinnoco as the wingman for your business. All commercial enterprises need to make money. This requires a structure to enable it, people to do the work and customers to want the end result. A business is usually created from an innovative spark - a realisation that there is a product or service that would have a market if available. Tinnoco can help not only on the long journey from concept to commercialisation, but also in the brainstorming and ideation stages to come up with the concept in the first place. However innovation cannot stop at this point. The difficulty is that there are many distractions in growing a company and it is easy to lose innovation as a company grows or is forced to change by external circumstances such as competition, the economy, or even simply its own growth. Tinnoco offers the key services fundamentally required by most companies - innovation for the product/service and coaching/mentoring for the managers and staff together with development of a real understanding of the customer to enable the company to develop winning products and services to cater for that often unarticulated need.

  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Vision
  • Action

I am looking for....

Business Developer

Taking existing products to new markets, identifying new products for existing markets or simply improving products for current markets.

Coach, Mentor, Manager

Guidance exactly where you need it. Helping the people within the organisation perform to their best and to a common goal. Helping managers to manage and staff to achieve.

Corporate Strategy

A fresh perspective is often invaluable in deciding on the vision, direction and long term future of an organisation.

IP Strategy

For organisations based around Intellectual Property, a thorough assessment and protection of it is a vital part of business.


Bespoke individual, team or group training courses and workshops tailored specifically to your particular needs.

Technology Consultant

Innovator & Contract R&D engineering. With a network of associates we are able to ideate for you or to take your concepts through to demonstrators and pre-production prototypes.

Project Manager

Achieving the cost-quality-timescale goal you need. From mindmap to Gantt and from there to launch. For the creation and oversight of projects we have the experience to make the project run smoothly.

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The complete A to Z of services.


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